Meet The Cast!

Gav. Gav, an exasperated cynic-turned-mad-scientist. He enjoys a "quest" more than almost anything else, except world domination. Unfortunately, he has on no occasion even been able to formulate a reasonable plan for world domination and instead spends a lot of time traveling around, looking for ideas. His wanderings can be monitored on his web-based Gavcam, a camera attached to his glasses which downloads what he sees to his website.
Major: Nuclear Engineering a.k.a. "Nukee" (10th year grad student)

Suzy Gee Suzy Gee, a pretty blonde in a black turtleneck with an academic interest in the suffering of others. She choose psychology as a minor, like so many do, to solve her own problems.
Major: Nuclear Engineering (Junior)
Minor: Psychology

'The King' Luca! King Luca, a self-declared suzereign, constantly on the search for new loyal subjects and self-delusion. He spent some time once as an Elvis impersonator. No one's quite certain (possibly including himself) what his reality must be like.
Major: Nuclear Engineering (Grad Student)

Danny! Danny, a motivated, yet confusing theorist whose mind works on a plane with which no one is quite comfortable. Works without questioning, and questions without thinking. Doesn't talk much about his past, possibly by choice, possibly by court order.
Major: Plasma Physics? (Status unknown, possibly postdoc or pre-G.E.D.)

Shea Shea, Gav's ex-girlfriend and a law student, who currently lives in Chicago. She's addicted to Pez and is as cynical, if not more, than Gav. She broke up with Gav for nebulous reasons on the Jerry Springer show and has not talked to him since.
Major: Law

Jill Jill, the bartender, and Gav's reluctant confidant. Recently quit her job at Flake's (Gav's favorite bar). Her current place of employment is unknown.
Occupation: Bartender

Jessica Jessica, Jill's replacement at Flake's, to whom Gav had adapted more quickly than anyone thought.
Occupation: Bartender

Dr. Goldfinger Dr. Goldfinger, a professor with questionable values. He knows the value of a good grad student -- as a cheap source of slave labor.
Occupation: Professor

Teri Teri, a "terapet," which is a virtual pet that Gav programmed on his calculator, but then got loose on the Internet.
Occupation: Formerly a calculator, currently unemployed

Helen Helen, who usually just pops up as soon as she sees an opportunity to make a sweeping generalization about the inadequacies of the human male. She's sometimes gullible and sometimes not nearly gullible enough.
Major: Nukee (Undergrad)

Steve Steve, the freshman, because somebody's got to be the straight man.
Major: Undeclared, leaning towards Nukee (Freshman)

The Ant The giant, nuclear-powered, robot ant, which pretty much describes itself.
Occupation: Wanton destruction

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