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Monday, November 5, 2001
A Keenspot Comic!
Requested Strip:
(November 5,  2001).
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Today's coloring contest entry is brought to you by Mediocretes, featuring that waste disposal fern that looks surprisingly like a palm (official explanation: Gav isn't a botanist, now, is he?). I like Mediocretes' interpretation of what happens to a plant after that many toxic chemicals:

Mediocretes entered the coloring contest twice and therefore today I'm bringing you his second entry (actually his first, but who's counting?) featuring a I-wish-it-weren't-true story of our housing office. And without futher ado:


First, it seems I posted a wrong coloring contest strip of AndyL's last week. Go back and see the correct strip now!

But today's entry, by VLSBboy, is one of my favorite strips about a line I use myself quite often. And it looks great in color:

Today and tomorrow feature the coloring work of a prominent Nuclide boardee known to us all as LCARS, who invites you to read Astronomical Disaster. Specifially, today's is the strip where Suzy becomes Duchess Suzy. Nice bush in the first panel:


Continuing to LCARS' second work (actually he did this one first), we see the recent Leapin' Lizard admist purple mountains, which I can only assume are magesty. View his work below and then go check out Astronomical Disaster, which appears to currently have exactly two pages, so it'll be a quick check out:

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