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Monday, October 29, 2001
A Keenspot Comic!
Requested Strip:
(October 29,  2001).
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Really, it turns out most of the coloring contest entries were submitted by the colorist I displayed on Friday (who also won an honorable mention in addition). Therefore, this week will be designated ANDYL week! Tune in every day this week (including Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) to see the rest of his work! He is both talented and prolific. First, I was quite amused at the color he picked for the electric zombie squid:

Continuing with ANDYL WEEK, here's an interestingly colored entry. It wasn't so much the green liquid in the machine that got me, so much as the fact that AndyL has decided that Steve is black. Fine with me, I guess. Saves me the cross-hatching:


Happy Halloween during AndyL week! I wish I had enough time to make myself a Lawbot costume this year:

It's day four of AndyL week! He went wild with The Gimp's lighting effects while shading The Sign:


Still two days left in AndyL week, but today we feature that famous racoon IQ theory strip, in which AndyL has had some more shading fun:

Let's all give it up for AndyL for his great job of coloring Nukees strips for this contest and thanks for tuning in on the weekend of AndyL week. This strip wasn't so complicated, but colorful text is always fun:

And we've reached the end of AndyL week! Another early strip today, which wasn't initially a favorite, but there is a unique artistic quality which impressed upon me, what with the pastelification in the colorization of the lines rather than simple flood filling. I rather like it:

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