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Monday, November 19, 2001
A Keenspot Comic!
Requested Strip:
(November 19,  2001).
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Ooops! Apologies to tabacco! I messed up and the following text didn't appear this morning with his contest entry:

Coloring a strip that I like to refer to as the I really own these slippers strip, tabacco brings us his colorization today, and asks you to visit, which wouldn't resolve when I tried to visit it, so I have no idea what it is. How exciting! Incidentally, I like the colorization on the comic strip on the refridgerator, which when I look at it today, I can't figure out what I original meant to draw on there:


I'm rounding off the coloring contest with the two unsolicited entrants that started it all off. Today is the second to last contest entry, this one by Kyberneticist, who colorized the strip after strip number 500 after strip #500 was colorized. Even working from the low-res web version, Kyberneticist did a spectacular text embossing on the "WHUMPF!":


AND THAT'S A WRAP! Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone as we bring this coloring contest officially to a close with the strip that started it all! LCARS colorized this in honor of my 500th strip and inspired the idea to have a coloring contest in the first place. He still wants you to visit Astronomical Disaster, though it hasn't started yet (remember it in December). Thanks again, LCARS! Now that the contest is over, MaliciousFerret and Aeire will be getting their prizes any day now. ;) If I accidentally missed anyone's contest entry, please let me know.

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