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Friday, October 12, 2001
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Announcing the WINNER of the coloring contest!
It's MaliciousFerret's entry, colorizing November 13, 1998. It was a very difficult decision between the five finalists seen in the Newsbox today, but I was really impressed by his treatment of Las Vegas. Congratulate him by visiting his website at, and BTW, I think ferrets are the cutest and most fun animals on earth!

And here's the winning entry:

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Jesus: Looks like we're running a little short on time, so there will be no time for offensive or controversial jokes today. Let's move on and meet some more Nukees cast members!

Danny: How much phlegm would Errol Flynn fling if Errol Flynn could fling phlegm?
Jesus: Meet Danny, your average plasma physicist next door. Hell, I'm omniscient and even I don't understand what he says most of the time.

Jesus: Then there's King Luca, Suzy Gee, Jeannie, the Egyptian goddess of truth and order Ma'at, Steve, Dr. Goldfinger, Cecilia, Linus, Teri the homicidal A.I., Barbie, and a giant electric zombie squid ...

Jesus: Okay, great! We have some time left over! So who knows why women fake orgasms? Beause they think we care! Ha! So toon in Monday when we'll --
Suzy Gee: You ain't making it to Monday, joke boy.