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Monday, October 15, 2001
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Announcing the FIRST RUNNER UP of the coloring contest!
It's Aeire! She picked a very early strip and had virtually nothing to work with, but look what a beautiful job she did with so little. The graveyard grass blows me away. I'm convinced if she'd sent in the six other strips she requested, MaliciousFerret would've had a serious run for his money. As first runner up, Aerie wins a sketch of one Nukees character of her choice, contingent on her sending in her other entries. ;D Go see more of her incredible coloring work at Xenith. Here's her entry below:

Copyright © 2001 Darren Bleuel    Redistribution in whole or in part prohibited except by permission

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Ma'at: Hello, I am Ma'at, the ancient Egyptian personification of truth and order, filling in for the previous narrator, currently busy being pummelled by a short blonde girl. I'll be supplying the 411 on Nukees for the rest of the week.

Ma'at: Unfortunately, our hippie-geek friend left me only three days to cover four and a half years! Not quite sporting if you ask me. So, without further ado, I present....

A Retrospectacle
"Everything you never wanted to know
about nuclear engineers but were afraid
of the flesh-eating robots."
in association with
Phunky Color" Hair Dye
"for when you feel like answering
fifteen stupid questions a day."
drawn, written and misdirected by
Darren "it's blue, you idiot!" Bleuel
Man #6 -- Forsythe P. Jones
Mr. Smith -- Throat Warbler Mangrove
Unbearable Ennui -- Herself
Dwarf Chauffeur -- Minnie Driver
Gaffer -- Amanda Hugginkis
E. Schrodinger -- TBA
Fire provided by -- Og

Ma'at: Well, that was pointless. Now we have only two days left. Who planned this strip? Where's blonde girl when you need more pummelings?
Suzy Gee: [[Off Camera]] VERY busy, thank you!