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Monday, October 22, 2001
A Keenspot Comic!
Requested Strip:
(October 22,  2001).
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Today is the final coloring contest HONORABLE MENTION, by AndyL, who chose a bit of a different route by turning this action shot into what I'm sure is a 3-D marvel. I say "I'm sure," because I haven't been able to get ahold of any 3-D glasses yet. If anyone has an extra pair, send them to P.O. Box 4735, Berkeley CA, 94704. AndyL didn't mention a website to plug but here's his entry:


Today I'd like to call attention to an excellently colored contest entry by Melannen. I have a love-hate relationship with this sexy Suzy strip because I (and she) think I did a great job with Suzy Gee's face and body individually, but I screwed up the proportions together. Always learning. Go see more of her stuff after viewing her entry:


Today's contest entry from this summer by AndyL is much better looking than I'd originally thought, because there was something wrong with the way Netscape 4.6 for Unix was displaying the png pallette, and all the black ended up blue, while near-black greys were okay. AndyL already got an honorable mention for an earlier entry, so I don't feel guilty for passing over this one. I loaded it into Photoshop and it looked great. I resaved it, so I hope it displays okay for everyone:

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